**REMANUFACTURED** Universal Ozone Plate MADE IN USA by CP3 INC 4.5" x 4.5" for Fresh Air EcoQuest Alpine Vollara GreenTech Spring Air Natures Air

  • $ 8.99
  • Save $ 11

What do we mean by "remanufactured"?

When we began manufacturing ozone plates, we tried a number of types of glue. However, we soon found out that some worked better than others, and some lasted longer than others. We have now chosen an excellent glue that works very well, but we still have some of the older plates. Rather than toss them out, we are DOUBLE-GLUING them with the new glue to make sure they work well. 


These Double-Glued plates aren't quite as pretty as our first run product, but they work equally well and are FULLY GUARANTEED just like our other plates. If they fail to work, just return them and receive a NEW FIRST RUN plate in exchange. You can feel comfortable buying these plates as we fully guarantee they will work great for you!

And best of all... YOU SAVE MONEY!!

  • 1 plate for $8.99  (First Run $14.99 each)
  • 2 plates for less than $8 each  (First Run $14.00 each)
  • 4 plates for only $6.25 each  (First Run $12.25 each)
  • 10 plates for less than $6.00 each (First Run $9.99 each)

 Ozone Plates MADE IN USA

Up until now, nearly every ozone plate sold was made in the far east, with most of them being from China. Now, you can support jobs here in the USA and have a higher quality ozone plate as well!

Announcing the new UNIVERSAL Ozone Plate by CP3, Inc.

  • Manufactured in Huntsville, AL "The Rocket City" these high-quality Ozone Plates are made with pride! Made In USA (NOT China) - Supports Jobs Here in America!
  • Made to fit nearly every air purifier that uses 4.5" x 4.5" plates, they are made of high quality USA Made Ceramic Plates and Stainless Steel Mesh side plates.
  • Designed and sized to fit the following air purifiers and more:
    • Fresh Air 120FA
    • Fresh Air 1.5
    • Fresh Air 2.0
    • Fresh Air 2.1
    • Fresh Air 2.2
    • Fresh Air Surround
    • Fresh Air 880
    • XL-15
    • Classic
    • Eagle
    • Salon
    • Eloquent
    • Spring Air
    • Flair
    • Natures Air
    • Breeze AT
    • Blaster
  • 4.5" x 4.5" Square - Fits EcoQuest Fresh Air and many more
  • High Quality, 50% Thicker, Ceramic Plate and New High Qualty Stainless Steel Mesh

These Made in USA Ceramic plates are of higher quality and are thicker (0.039" vs 0.025" for the imports) so they are easier to handle, less likely to break, and easier to clean. And we use higher quality STAINLESS STEEL for the wire mesh that creates the ozone. This makes them work better and less likely to have any rust or corrosion. 

We guarantee you'll be happy with our ozone plates, or we'll replace them FREE!

Support Jobs in America for better products